ProjKonnect simplifies student-academic advisor interactions and offers a pipeline for soft skills development. It connects students, Proguides, and anyone interested in acquiring skills like website design and mobile app development. Our comprehensive solution provides mentorship, information, and application support for aspiring graduate students in Africa and beyond. Utilizing mental mapping, we help turn great ideas into reality and guide goal-setting journeys.

Problem Statement

The world now prioritizes valuable skills over university degrees to address societal and economic challenges. In the developing countries, the youths must contribute to global development through innovation, education, and capacity building of which students' final year project being a key tool for innovations. However, issues like generating project topics, student-advisor relationships, and developing innovative solutions are problematic.

Additionally, unemployment is trending up globally and this problem is currently being compounded by the Covid – 19 pandemic. First, the frequency of student contacts with the academic advisor has reduced drastically which further widens the problem – solution gap. Secondly, highly intelligent university graduates are unemployed and thus putting individuals and families in a tough financial crisis. While recent graduates with excellent final year project, As and Bs on the transcript are unable to meet their basic immediate needs, there are students in the final year journey who are depressed, stressed, and worried because of the overwhelming challenges that usually accompany such level of education such as finding and understanding the appropriate project topics, developing the skills needed for the marketplace and connecting the dots of ideas for long-term life goals.

Again, final year students face stress and challenges related to project topics and skill development. ProjKonnect bridges these gaps by connecting students with Proguides and offering income opportunities for skilled graduates.

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Our Mission

Advance innovation through skills development and information empowerment.

Our Vision

Empowered youths with the mind of solving critical global problems.