ProKonnect is a platform where students who are in dare need of project development and soft skills can connect with Proguides who are proficient in various skills. Some of the skills our Proguides offer are ideas on project topic generation and development, data analysis, website design, digital marketing, web and mobile app development, software development, transferable skills for workplace, ideation for personal development, grants writing for non-profit organizations, developing the profile needed to win academic scholarships/fellowships and graduate school application support. Additionally, you can now connect with other students in similar field of study globally. This is particularly important to facilitate global connections, diversity of ideas, and collaborations.

Graduate School & Application Support

Graduate School Preparations

Scholarships & Fellowships Search

Application Package Review

Soft Skills & Entreprenurship Training

Digital Marketing

Digital Economy(Cryptonomics)

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Ideation & Personal Development

Ideas Generation & Development

Goal Setting & Time Management

Emotional Intelligence

Academic Project Information Support

Project Topic generation & Literature Search

data Analysis & Analytical Tools

Writing Reviews

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